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Thoracic Surgery & Care at Rex

Thoracic care involves treatment of the body in and around the chest. This includes the chest wall, lungs, throat area and more. Because of the important organs and structures in this area, thoracic surgery requires the expertise of highly trained specialists.

Our team includes fellowship trained surgeons who work with other clinicians at Rex to diagnose and treat disease of the chest including lung and esophageal cancers, infections and more.

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Meet Our Physicians

Alden Parsons, M.D.

Dr. Parsons, M.D. is a published researcher and experienced surgeon. She is also a compassionate doctor who brings her expertise here to our patients at Rex Healthcare. Read more.


Richard Gillespie, M.D.

Richard Gillespie, M.D., has studied and practiced all over the country and brings his diverse experience and specialized training to Rex Healthcare. He treats every patient with compassion and uses his expertise to find the right treatment for every individual. Read more.

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Hear from our patients

Addylean discovers she has a rare cancer that’s surrounding her heart. At Rex Thoracic Specialists, she also finds a special “family” of caregivers who offer her a cure.


Rex Cancer Center introduces new approach to treatment

The new multidiscipline approach at Rex aims to streamline patient care and guide patients through their system. Watch video

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